Saturday, August 28, 2010

Most polluted places on the Earth

In case your wondering where to go on your vacations, here's a list that will narrow your search a little bit. Unless you like to see this stuff for real, then it really narrows your search.

I actually never like to go to these kind of countries. Why would you? Yeah all the stuff is cheap as hell over there, but still.. you need to get your shots against all kinds of diseases when you go there. Then there's always the chance you get mugged or worse. And yes, you can go to some sort of a touristic area where everything is nice and clean, but that's just tricking yourself. You can get that shit back home as well, only better.

But still, people go to developing countries to show off their wealth and to have something to talk about when they get back home. Meanwhile they bring back all kinds of diseases that they rub off to everyone they talk to about how awesome their vacation was.

Same thing with the swine flu and all the other epidemics. Only one fool has to bring that shit back home and all hell breaks loose.

Nah, I personally prefer to go to countries that have their bearings straight and are actually capable of maintaining themselves. However, they also fuck things up once in a wile. Like the Gulf of Mexico and the oil spill. But well, at least you don't pick up some kind of strange virus to bring back home. The worst thing that you bring back is some oil-stained shoes.


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