Friday, August 27, 2010

First days work

So, this is my first day's work on the life-hacks and pro tips.
Browse this blog and gain knowledge. As we all know, knowledge is power.
This blog is dedicated to restore honor on the basics in life. Things that people should know or want to know. Or even the things you thought you didn't want to know about life, but now you kinda do.
So, restoring honor is the keyword for this day.
Meanwhile hurricane Earl is powering up. But I simply don't care. I'd rather read some Dilbert comics and shit.

However, there's something nice to say as well:
Many people are intrigued to hear about the two moon phenomenon due today, Friday August 27, but sadly there really isn’t any such thing. Rumors always surface at this time of year and because the stories seem so complex many people are fooled into thinking its true.
For example it’s said that the two moons are actually the usual moon and Mars which only rarely comes so close, therefore it appears as though there are two moons. People say that after the sun goes down if you have clear skies it will be visible all over the globe, that it only happens every 1,000 years and that it won’t happen again until the year 2287, according to Marci Stone over on the Examiner.
However the Examiner also reports that in fact this is all a hoax in an email that is currently doing the rounds. NASA in fact says this phenomenon does not exist and that there is no such thing as two moons in the sky. Apparently the rumor began in 2003 and seems to re-surface every year at the end of August. Over on The Money Times an article by Jaspreet Virk also debunks the rumors that the ‘mars close to earth’ search term that is also popular at the moment, and says that is far from true.
In fact Mars will be able to be seen tonight, but merely as a red star and NASA say it is still some 314 million km away from Earth. Are you disappointed that there will be no ‘two moons’ tonight? We’d be interested to hear what you think about this so please do send us your comments.


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