Monday, November 15, 2010

What if all the land on the world was equally devided

At the moment, the land per person is not equally devided on Earth. There's China with his numerous amount of people living there. Over there you kinda live shoulder to shoulder. And on the other side you have Australia, where your nextdoor neighbour can live 60 miles away.

So what if we would re-arrange these countries by giving the biggest population the biggest country and the smallest population the smallest country. The world would kinda look like this:

world devided by population

Monday, November 8, 2010

Why Ninite is awesome

 I just reinstalled windows on my computer, after it went downhill due to a virus infection. It seems that you just can't get a good virus-scanner nowadays. Yeah, there are the ones that do their job, but when the virus is deep within your system.. it's hard to flush them out.

spyware removal
And after some frustration on trying getting them out with different kinds of virus-scanners and spyware removal-tools, there is only one more step to take. Just freakin' throw the a-bomb on your harddisk, before you throw your computer out of the window.

So yes, you finally decide to format the harddisk and reinstall this puppy. However, in all your anger and frustration you kinda forgot what tools you had on your computer. And maybe when you finally get those tools back, you're still wondering if it's all the tools or if you've missed some.

And that's when Ninite comes in. A whole website full of awesomeness. It's so awesome, that I wished I've thought of making that shit. Ninite gives you the convenience of just browsing through a list of the most popular tools and selecting them. After that, it let's you download an install-file that will download all those tools without making you click 'next' all the time.

computer reinstalledSo, well.. meanwhile i'm kinda reaching the end of reinstalling my computer. Ninite saved me a couple of minutes of clicking, searching and thinking.

Oh yeah.. you guys might wanna check this thing out. The adress is

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Howto juggle

 Master these skills!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Religion, do you believe in a God?

If you do, you might want to read the following message:

religion there is no god

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Traffic Mystery: The shockwave effect

Always wondering what happened when you're stuck in traffic and never seem to find out what did happen? This is probably why:

traffic shockwave

Monday, September 13, 2010

Science time!

Yes, it's time for some real high-end science from the boards of 4chan. Let's check out how to make magnets pulling you forward!

magnetic science

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Howto build your own fileserver

It's actually very easy to do this.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

About the Abs

Yes, because you all want a sixpack. Here's some random info about the abs:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Poll result

The last poll's results are in, and well.. here's what I think about it:

poll cheese

According to the poll, most of you like cheese the most. I don't know for sure, but it's probably because its on the top and the most easy to click. Otherwise, I can't figure out why the hell you would prefer cheese over eggs or milk.

The fact that yogurt is way down there, that's something that I can relate to. Because yogurt it only edible when you mix something like sugar in there. Otherwise it just tastes like milk drawn from a dead cow.

So, now the interesting part. Eggs and milk. Eggs are liked the third best and milk the second best. Is that because you people drink milk with your baked eggs, or boiled eggs and you can't really decide which you like better?

This actually gave me an awesome idea. Just bake the fucking eggs, throw some cheese on there and have a glass of milk. And for the ones that really like the yogurt.. well, if you really want to you can eat that after you've finished your baked eggs with cheese and milk.

baked eggs and cheese

happy now?

Things you should know about caffeine

And you should also check the caffeine-chart out

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Whoopi Goldberg (aka Caryn Elaine Johnson)

Whoopi Goldberg

Yeah, I know. But I just have to share this one with you guys. Cuz she's Whoopi friggin Goldberg. And no, she's not dead yet.

It's like this. For years I've been seeing her on TV. Like as the nun in Sister-act (yeah both of of the movies), as the mysterious bartender named Guinan in Star trek, where she was divorced 23 times. And in, well, she pretty much did everything back in the 90's.

Adding to this, she really has a face to remember. Because when I say 'Whoopi Goldberg' you can paint an image in your thoughts on how she looks. I'm not saying that she's hot. But well, you know.. the image of her kinda sticks into your mind.

So, what's so important about her that I needed to dedicate a blogpost on her? Well, it's because of something I just realized the other day. And I bet most of you guys will go like 'wtf' when I reveal this fact about Whoopi Goldberg.

The fact that I discovered is that she doesn't have fucking eyebrows! Yes, you can scroll up if you don't believe this. Hell, you can even hunt her down on Google and see if you can find an image of her with eyebrows. I dare you!

You have just been amazed

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Howto forecast the weather

Learn this and never be surprised by the weather again!

weather forecast

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Update on Operation Epic mail

First, here's the earlier post about this operation=>click

And here's the update that I could find:

The operation was a great succes. The party wasn't crashed by hundreds of people. As far as I know, there was only one person from 4chan, 4 persons from reddit and 4 girls from 'the internet'. And that is actually enough for a birthday like that. But, William J Lashua got lots and lots of birthdaycards and other stuff from around the world. And that's what makes it so awesome, in my opinion!

First news that I found was:
"I called the Legion.
His grandson got on the phone
50 Bouqets of Flowers
20 Cakes
Countless cards.
He said 5 UPS have pulled up today with stuff for him.
They also said the local Postal Mail had 2 trucks full of cards.
I almost cried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He told me to pass along to Anonymous a
"Thank You"

I've been following the updates on how the party was going, and this is what I've got on quotes and pictures from the guest from 4chan, who stayed there the whole day:

William J Lashua
"As for the reports that he has no family, I can say firsthand that they are ENTIRELY false. Not only did he have his 3 sons and 3 daughters with him, he had several grandkids and even 2 great-granddaughters there as well, and dozens of cousins, nephews, and family friends there.
This picture has 3 of his daughters, 2 of his sons, and one of his great-grandkids looking at cards with him.

William J Lashua

Here is a picture of the 4 girls that stated they were from 'the internet', also accompanied with a quote from the anon from 4chan: "When I asked which one was his favorite, he said "All of them."
Did I mention this guy FUCKING RULES?

William J Lashua

Oh yeah, the girls actually gave him a nice lollipop:

Another quote from the anon: "There was a lady from the town paper there, she was totally clueless. The lady who manages the legion hall (after yelling at me to apologize for the 300 calls she got last night) told me she had been contacted by 2 papers from New York, one in NYC and one in Syracuse about the story. One of the many fine gift baskets they had out.

Bouquet William J Lashua

After this, someone wanted to know more about the yelling part, so anon replied:

Not in an angry way, just jokingly. The mood was always one of joking whenever they mentioned the internet stuff, they were definitely not annoyed in any way (except for one of his grandkids who I think was some kind of aspie and was taking the death threat stuff seriously). They especially liked how we all thought William was this sad lonely geezer. Right before they cut the cake someone made a short speech and mentioned that the turnout was "pretty all right for one lonely friendless old man" and everyone laughed. Also the cocktails were cheap, so that may have helped the mood. I had a couple drinks myself."

birthdaycake William J Lashua
The cake (not from the internets)

William J Lashua 
And anon kind of ended his report with the following conclusion: "And let me say once again how absolutely wonderful William himself was. I'll go on the record as saying he was the greatest old person I've ever met. At 90 they told me that he lives on his own, still chops his own wood, and he was joking with me the whole night. He was busting balls with all the young kids and even flipped off the camera with a smile on his gummy face in a few photos. The man is my hero just for being awesome."

mail William J Lashua

Oh, and did I mention William J Lashua got lots and lots of birthdaycards? The following picture is just a tip of the iceberg, cuz there was still more on hold at the post-office and probably there's still some more mail on the way.

Birthdaycard William J Lashua

Well, this is about all i've got about this operation so far. I don't expect any more big surprises about this event. Let's just say that William and his family had a birthday they'll probably never forget!

*Edit: Oh yeah.. I forgot about the Reddit guys. So, well.. here they are:

William J Lashua reddit
This one is only posted cuz of the girl in there

*more pictures can be downloaded =>here and more info about all this can be found => here

Update on the update:

William J. Lashua's grandson posted a thank-you message on reddit for all the attention:

There are so many replies, I can't begin to respond to them all. I love the fact that the internet has rallied behind this as a cause, and my family is overwhelmed with what we've seen and read. I've made this my soapbox to talk to "internets" and I feel it's a good place to do so. The outpouring of love, respect, and generosity has been amazing to say the least, but really... please... there are so many others less fortunate than my Grandfather that deserve this as well. This Labor Day weekend, go to your local VA hospital, sit, and visit with the men and women there. Stop off at a nursing home and visit there. Donate to a vetrans charity. Do some good for those who fought for you, and really do have no one to call family or friend. Still do all the nice things you wanted to do for my grandfather, please do. Use that positive energy and make someone super happy. They'll appreciate it more than you'll ever know.
For those of you still thinking of sending cards, please use the following address: William J Lashua c/o American Legion 132 Williams Road Ashburnham, MA 01430 Thank you.

Friday, September 3, 2010

50 years of spacetravel

And this is what we've accomplished

Operation Epic Mail (update somewhere on the 4th of september)

So, today I stumbled into a huge on-line operation called 'Epic Mail'.

It's about the birthday of a 90 year old WW2 veteran called William J. Lashua. This guy lives in a retirement home and has no family and few friends. The home sent out a request for people to join his birthday and celebrate it, because he deserves it.
Now this operation is being supported by a couple of websites, including the website called Reddit and 4chan. 4chan is notorious for being rude/insensitive and obscene.. but every now and then 4chan accomplishes some great things.
Currently people are ordering birthday presents and sending out postcards to William J. Lashua.
Unfortunatly there are also some people who like to fuck up the nice things and see this as an oppertunity to troll the shit out of it by sending obscene mail to this guy. However, the good hearted people left on 4chan have forseen this fact and are taking repercusions against this. An anonymous posted the following on the boards:

Guys, there's an official facebook page for this, and myself and several other (about 5) anons have already confirmed with the secretary at the american legion that it is indeed his birthday, we are going for the party (i have baked him a cake) and we are sorting through the mail the both the night before and on the day and disregarding any trolls, goatse ect, we have asked the secretary to be aware of people trying to fuck shit up and she has agreed with colleagues to screen all his mail for the next month.

fuck you guys trying to ruin this shit, we want to give this guy a fucking epic birthday and you're all trying to ruin it.

Also, we thought about getting a stripper but thought it wouldn't be appropiate.

we plan to:
screen mail from 6pm=12pm on the 3rd and from 6am-9am on the 4th

settle down with him to give him presents (i got him a bottle of jack daniels and a new bridge set (apparently he plays bridge)

have some fucking cake with him and let him tell us about his life

have a celebratory drink with him and his friends, a bit of a dance with music from the 1930's/40's/50's

helping him read through the mail and also show him some screencaps (printed off) from 4chan to show how much people really do appreciate him.

go home and fucking sleep easy knowing this guy had a fucking awesome birthday

I think that this is going to hit the news, because this birthday is going to be epic. Worldwide thank-you mail and lots of guests to celebrate his birthday.

But then, a message appeared on Reddit. It's stated that this message is posted by a family member of him:

Kind folks of reddit, My family and I appreciate the outpouring of love and generosity. There has been a large misunderstanding. The poster which I'm told was found at the Gardner Stop & Shop was more a local notice for people that know him. It was in no way to indicate that he is alone. He has 7 children, many grandchildren, and even great grandchildren. In his younger years he was a foster parent to dozens of foster children. He is well liked in the community, and will be fully supported on his 90th birthday. I ask that if you don't know him, to not attend the party, as it is for his friends and family. The venue for the party is a very small hall, and will be full to capacity with people he knows and loves.

By all means, send cards and well wishes, but please refrain from sending gifts/strippers/cakes/candies/etc. and instead please make a donation in his name to a local vetrans charity.

Thank you again for all the love and well wishes, we certainly never expected this. You are awesome reddit, now please help me spread the word to other outlets and make sure this is a smaller, enjoyable party for him.

William J Lashua 

I still hope that this is going to be epic.. and above all, that William J Lashua is going to have a great birthday, without any disturbances and I really want to see how this operation is going to end up!

*update* And the story continues =>click

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Women superior?

Let's pick on the women!
Superiority of women

Facts about farts

These are the facts about farts. Everyone knows them, hear them and smell them. However, only men fart and women say they don't. That's probably true, since they can't build enough pressure because their mouth is always open.
facts on farts

Homeless City Guide

So, this info probably won't go directly to the people that would benefit from this. However, probably some of you lurkers will be homeless in the future. So read this and memorize it. You might need it!
homeless city guide

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bison vs Buffalo

A Bison is NOT a Buffalo!

bison versus buffalo


Everyone knows those warning-labels. Unfortunatly, they don't always have an explanatory text enclosed. Therefore, this next picture will sure enlighten you on some of the meanings of the labels.

warninglabels explained

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pokémon Science

Let's take a look at the reality behind some Pokémon abilities. So let's see, where shall I start...

Charizard#006: Charizard
"It spits fire that is hot enough to melt boulders" (Pokémon Red/Blue Pokédex entry)

On average, the temperature it would take to melt stone into magma would be between about 1300º - 2400º Fahrenheit (700º - 1300º Celsius). At about this temperature, the human body in its entirety would melt as well.

wartortle#008: Wartortle
"It is said to live 10,000 years" (Pokémon Diamon/Pearl/Platinum Pokédex entry)

Approximately 10,000 years ago, the Ice Age ended, agriculture was first becoming widespread, and the first human settlements were being built. A Wartortle alive today could have been alive since prehistoric times.

pidgeot#018: Pidgeot

"This Pokémon flies at Mach 2 speed, seeking prey." (Pokémon Yellow Pokédex entry)

Mach 2 is twice the speed of sound, which normally equates to approximately 1500 miles per hour (approx. 2500 kmph), or about 1150 feet per second (350 meters per second), the speed at which many bullets travel. Planes traveling at these supersonic speeds are made of special metals that won't melt at this speed.


#020: Raticate
"Gnaws on anything with its tough fangs. It can even topple concrete buildings by gnawning on them." (Pokémon Gold Pokédex entry)

Normal concrete has the strength to withstand up to 10,000 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure. The living animal with the strongest bite force is the crocodile, with a bite that can exert approximately 5,000 psi of pressure. Raticate would need to have a  bite at least twice as strong as that, considering.

#059: Arcanine
arcanine"Arcanine is known for its high speed, It is said to be capable of running over 6,200 miles in a single day and night." (Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire Pokédex entry)

This would mean Arcanine would need to run about 260 miles per hour (418 kmph), or about 380 feet per second (116 meters per second), for 24 hours straight. 6200 miles is longer than the distance from L.A. to Moscow.

machamp#068: Machamp
"It's four ruggedly developed arms can launch a flurry of 1,000 punches in just two seconds." (Pokémon FireRed Pokédex entry)

Assuming Machamp is using all four of its hands, this would mean 250 punches in two seconds, 125 punches in one second, or one punch every 0.008 second. Machamp could perform 37-and-a-half punches with one arm in the time it takes a person to blink an eye.

#107: Hitmonchan
hitmonchan"It throws punches that are faster than a bullet train." (Pokémon FireRed Pokédex entry)

Most bullet trains run an average speed of about 300 kilometers per hour (about 186 mph). Taking Hitmonlee's size into consideration, this means it could probably throw a single punch in about 0.0085 seconds. The worlds record for human punching measured about one punch in 0.0745 seconds, almost nine times slower than that.


#184: Azumarill
"It can spend all day in water, since it can inhale and store a lager volume of air." (Pokémon Platinum Pokédex entry)

The sperm whale can hold it's breath for two hours, longer than any other mammal alive. The saltwater crocodile can hold it's breath for up to three hours, longer than any animal with lungs. Azumarill can hold it's breath eight times of a crocodile, and twelve times that of a sperm whale.

Magcargo#219: Magcargo
"Magcargo's body temperature is approximately 18,000º Fahrenheit." (Pokémon Sapphire Pokédex entry)

The surface of the sun is about 9980º Fahrenheit (5526º Celsius). That would make Magcargo's body temperature about 1,8 times as hot as the surface of the sun.


#246: Larvitar
"It feeds on soil. After it has eaten a large mountain, it will fall asleep so it can grow." (Pokémon Gold Pokédex entry)

Theoretically the amount of dirt it would take to equal the size of a large mountain about 20,000ft (6096 meters) tall could require as much as 4,410,000,000 pounds (2,000,000,000 kg), or 2,205,000 short tons of dirt. The world's largest mountain, Mt. Everest is about 29,029 feet (8,848 meters) tall, and would have a volume more than twice that amount.

#257: Blaziken
blaziken"Blaziken has incredible strong legs - it can easily clear a 30-story building in one leap." (Pokémon Sapphire Pokédex entry)

On average, a single story is between 10-13 feet (3-4 meters) tall. That would mean Blaziken could make a vertical leap of over 300-390 feet (90-120 meters). That's more than sixty times it's height.


#293: Whismur
"It's cries equal a jet plane in volume." (Pokémon Emerald Pokédex entry)

Hearing can be damaged by sustained exposure to 90dB (decibel) sounds (about as loud as heavy traffic). At 125dB, pain is felt (about as loud as a pneumatic drill). At 140dB, permanent hearing damage can occur even with short term exposure. At 180dB, complete death of hearing tissue occurs. The sound of a jet engine measures about 140dB from 100 meters (about 328 feet). At close range with no protection, it could burst the eardrums.

#321: Wailord
wailord"by inhaling to its maximum capacity, a Wailord can dive close to 10,000 feet beneath the waves." (Pokémon Emerald Pokédex entry)

10,000 feet (about 3048 meters) underwater, there would be more than two tons of water pressure on top of you, equal to more than 300 atmospheres of pressure. The temperature that far down usually ranges from 30-39º Fahrenheit (3-4º Celsius), and there is almost no light. The sperm whale, which can dive deeper than any other whale, can barely get close to this depth. However, a sperm whale weighs as much as 45 short tons (41,000 kg) on average, while Wailord weighs 877,4 pounds (398 kg).

snorunt#361: Snorunt
 "It is said that a home visited by Snorunt will prosper. It can withstand cold of minus 150º Fahrenheit." (Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen Pokédex entry)

The lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth was -128º Fahrenheit (-89º Celsius). The human body at it's absolute best can't survive long past -40º Fahrenheit (-40º Celsius) external temperature, when the moisture in the lungs begin to freeze

#435: Skuntank
skuntank"It sprays a vile-smelling fluid from the tip of its tail to attack. Its range is over 160 feet." (Pokémon Diamond Pokédex entry)

A real skunk can spray it's fluid with accuracy up to 16 feet (5 meters). Skuntank can launch the fluid ten times this distance. 160 feet is the width of a regulation football field.

Conclusion: Pokémon are really freaking hax