Friday, September 10, 2010

Poll result

The last poll's results are in, and well.. here's what I think about it:

poll cheese

According to the poll, most of you like cheese the most. I don't know for sure, but it's probably because its on the top and the most easy to click. Otherwise, I can't figure out why the hell you would prefer cheese over eggs or milk.

The fact that yogurt is way down there, that's something that I can relate to. Because yogurt it only edible when you mix something like sugar in there. Otherwise it just tastes like milk drawn from a dead cow.

So, now the interesting part. Eggs and milk. Eggs are liked the third best and milk the second best. Is that because you people drink milk with your baked eggs, or boiled eggs and you can't really decide which you like better?

This actually gave me an awesome idea. Just bake the fucking eggs, throw some cheese on there and have a glass of milk. And for the ones that really like the yogurt.. well, if you really want to you can eat that after you've finished your baked eggs with cheese and milk.

baked eggs and cheese

happy now?

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