Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Whoopi Goldberg (aka Caryn Elaine Johnson)

Whoopi Goldberg

Yeah, I know. But I just have to share this one with you guys. Cuz she's Whoopi friggin Goldberg. And no, she's not dead yet.

It's like this. For years I've been seeing her on TV. Like as the nun in Sister-act (yeah both of of the movies), as the mysterious bartender named Guinan in Star trek, where she was divorced 23 times. And in, well, she pretty much did everything back in the 90's.

Adding to this, she really has a face to remember. Because when I say 'Whoopi Goldberg' you can paint an image in your thoughts on how she looks. I'm not saying that she's hot. But well, you know.. the image of her kinda sticks into your mind.

So, what's so important about her that I needed to dedicate a blogpost on her? Well, it's because of something I just realized the other day. And I bet most of you guys will go like 'wtf' when I reveal this fact about Whoopi Goldberg.

The fact that I discovered is that she doesn't have fucking eyebrows! Yes, you can scroll up if you don't believe this. Hell, you can even hunt her down on Google and see if you can find an image of her with eyebrows. I dare you!

You have just been amazed


  1. lol. I liked her when she acted. Now she is just another ranting communist.

  2. She was funny when she was an actor, although she looks like a chimpanzee. Now she's just incredibly annoying...