Friday, September 3, 2010

Operation Epic Mail (update somewhere on the 4th of september)

So, today I stumbled into a huge on-line operation called 'Epic Mail'.

It's about the birthday of a 90 year old WW2 veteran called William J. Lashua. This guy lives in a retirement home and has no family and few friends. The home sent out a request for people to join his birthday and celebrate it, because he deserves it.
Now this operation is being supported by a couple of websites, including the website called Reddit and 4chan. 4chan is notorious for being rude/insensitive and obscene.. but every now and then 4chan accomplishes some great things.
Currently people are ordering birthday presents and sending out postcards to William J. Lashua.
Unfortunatly there are also some people who like to fuck up the nice things and see this as an oppertunity to troll the shit out of it by sending obscene mail to this guy. However, the good hearted people left on 4chan have forseen this fact and are taking repercusions against this. An anonymous posted the following on the boards:

Guys, there's an official facebook page for this, and myself and several other (about 5) anons have already confirmed with the secretary at the american legion that it is indeed his birthday, we are going for the party (i have baked him a cake) and we are sorting through the mail the both the night before and on the day and disregarding any trolls, goatse ect, we have asked the secretary to be aware of people trying to fuck shit up and she has agreed with colleagues to screen all his mail for the next month.

fuck you guys trying to ruin this shit, we want to give this guy a fucking epic birthday and you're all trying to ruin it.

Also, we thought about getting a stripper but thought it wouldn't be appropiate.

we plan to:
screen mail from 6pm=12pm on the 3rd and from 6am-9am on the 4th

settle down with him to give him presents (i got him a bottle of jack daniels and a new bridge set (apparently he plays bridge)

have some fucking cake with him and let him tell us about his life

have a celebratory drink with him and his friends, a bit of a dance with music from the 1930's/40's/50's

helping him read through the mail and also show him some screencaps (printed off) from 4chan to show how much people really do appreciate him.

go home and fucking sleep easy knowing this guy had a fucking awesome birthday

I think that this is going to hit the news, because this birthday is going to be epic. Worldwide thank-you mail and lots of guests to celebrate his birthday.

But then, a message appeared on Reddit. It's stated that this message is posted by a family member of him:

Kind folks of reddit, My family and I appreciate the outpouring of love and generosity. There has been a large misunderstanding. The poster which I'm told was found at the Gardner Stop & Shop was more a local notice for people that know him. It was in no way to indicate that he is alone. He has 7 children, many grandchildren, and even great grandchildren. In his younger years he was a foster parent to dozens of foster children. He is well liked in the community, and will be fully supported on his 90th birthday. I ask that if you don't know him, to not attend the party, as it is for his friends and family. The venue for the party is a very small hall, and will be full to capacity with people he knows and loves.

By all means, send cards and well wishes, but please refrain from sending gifts/strippers/cakes/candies/etc. and instead please make a donation in his name to a local vetrans charity.

Thank you again for all the love and well wishes, we certainly never expected this. You are awesome reddit, now please help me spread the word to other outlets and make sure this is a smaller, enjoyable party for him.

William J Lashua 

I still hope that this is going to be epic.. and above all, that William J Lashua is going to have a great birthday, without any disturbances and I really want to see how this operation is going to end up!

*update* And the story continues =>click


  1. cool that you send a card and bought him this gifts:) now that you don't know him and you probably shoudnt go to the party, you can enjoy that bottle of jack :)

  2. I didn't.. i'm just reporting this :)