Monday, November 8, 2010

Why Ninite is awesome

 I just reinstalled windows on my computer, after it went downhill due to a virus infection. It seems that you just can't get a good virus-scanner nowadays. Yeah, there are the ones that do their job, but when the virus is deep within your system.. it's hard to flush them out.

spyware removal
And after some frustration on trying getting them out with different kinds of virus-scanners and spyware removal-tools, there is only one more step to take. Just freakin' throw the a-bomb on your harddisk, before you throw your computer out of the window.

So yes, you finally decide to format the harddisk and reinstall this puppy. However, in all your anger and frustration you kinda forgot what tools you had on your computer. And maybe when you finally get those tools back, you're still wondering if it's all the tools or if you've missed some.

And that's when Ninite comes in. A whole website full of awesomeness. It's so awesome, that I wished I've thought of making that shit. Ninite gives you the convenience of just browsing through a list of the most popular tools and selecting them. After that, it let's you download an install-file that will download all those tools without making you click 'next' all the time.

computer reinstalledSo, well.. meanwhile i'm kinda reaching the end of reinstalling my computer. Ninite saved me a couple of minutes of clicking, searching and thinking.

Oh yeah.. you guys might wanna check this thing out. The adress is


  1. Sounds really great! I'll check it out ASAP!

  2. Maybe I will. Thanks for the advice

  3. I'm checking it out now. I hate virus problems. I can never find a good antivirus software.

  4. I should send my Windows using clients that way.

  5. Look up Clonezilla. its free and installs as an ISO as a bootable disc. You can do a full clone of a harddrive after a fresh install. save to a Harddrive, then when you need to restore or whatever Clonezilla and it brings you right back. Takes a full restore about 10 minutes.