Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grammar time

Yes, now it's time to actually teach you lurkers something that you might not fully understand yet. Because it still seems that for a lot of people it's hard to comprehend when and when not to use the words your and you're. But you see, these things are actually two completely different things. It's like, calling a dog a cat and make everyone lol because they actually DO know that the cat is in fact, a cat.
So time for you guys to try harder and not look so retarded when you're trying to look smart on-line. Here it goes:

Doris Day teacher'Your' signifies ownership or relation, which refers to something owned by someone. a title or friend/relation. Example:
"Your computer rocks."
"Your mother is a slutwhore."
"your criminal status is unacceptable."

'You're' is an abbreviation of 'you are', which is what you'd say when speaking to someone about who or what they are, be it insult, praise, fact or a random statement.
"You're a moron."
"You're fantastic!"
"You're a normal person."
"You're gay."

I request that you people learn what I have just explained on the grounds that

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