Sunday, August 29, 2010

Michael Jackson.. who gives a crap?

So it seems that today is the birthday of Michael Jackson. I actually, couldn't care less. Since he died, there is even more news and shit about him going on then when he was still alive.
And don't forget about all the tribute shows around him. Things like 'move like Michael Jackson' and the whole 'This is it tour'.
Funny how a death of someone turns so many people around. Before he was dead, most of the news was about him touching children or doing other weird stuff. Nobody liked him. But then, he died. And all of a sudden he was the greatest guy that lived.
Well, dear fans. You might get another shot in seeing your idol. Because the lawyers of his former doctor Conrad Murray are trying to get approval on digging up his dead body. Something about that they wanna prove that the doctor was innocent and that Jackson died of a drug overdose. Hey, we might get a new 'Michael Jackson was bad' news story! (no pun intended)
Off course the family don't want this to happen. They want to let him rest in peace. Or is it because the story of Michael being murdered is a better story than Micheal just messed up and took a little bit too much drugs?
Too bad for them, it's up to the judge whether to dig or not to dig up his dead body.
I'd say, let's do it!
grave digging

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